Case Study: Unpacking the future of smart working in digital travel - Stuart Bagnell, Chief of Culture

"We had a smart working project in place pre-pandemic but it was moving at a glacial pace. When COVID-19 struck we had to hit the accelerator. And we’ve had success and won an award for our work in this area. However, as we’ve learned to work fully remotely we’ve also learned behaviours and habits in this time. Like on any long journey, fatigue creeps in. How do we continue to make this transition to hybrid working and let go of the emotional baggage we’ve picked up so far? Our amazing pink culture has kept us going but how do we keep doing “whatever makes you pink” in this new world? As a travel company we love an analogy so for us - our policy is a bit like packing to go on holiday. You don’t want to carry everything with you, so it's identifying what is essential, what you’d like to have and what you need to leave behind. So have your suitcase at the ready and we’ll reveal what you should be packing in the move to smart working 3.0."